honest natural skin care for those who love a little luxury
and value naturally radiant skin

As the skin absorbs as much as 60% of what is put onto it, we should be just as concerned about the products we put onto our bodies as we are about the food we put into them. h honest natural skin care is formulated solely with this in mind.

Every h formulation is made up entirely of carefully chosen wholesome natural ingredients, including high-quality organic botanical oils and rich creamy butters bursting with nutrients, vitamins and essential fatty acids to nourish and protect your skin, soothe skin conditions and diminish the signs of ageing and damage. Visit Shop…

Inspiring and empowering you to live naturally

Body Oils: a little confession…  Since I started h skin care, one of my less-publicised ambitions has been to convert you all to using natural body oils. They’re pretty special…
toxin-free, honest natural skin care 
We take great pride that h formulations are completely free from synthetic ingredients and preservatives…
discover the beauty of cleansing with natural oils  Oil cleansing is a highly effective way of dissolving dirt and impurities, and nourishing the skin at the same time..

“I tried Maia’s oil around a year ago and it’s all I use now for my every day go-to moisturiser. I find creams too heavy so enjoy the light feeling of the oil. I also love that it’s full of goodness, nothing added. Feels like I’m really taking care of my skin when I use it” – SC

h by maia. honest natural skin care

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